Baby Moons

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Our Baby Moon’s area caters for babies from 3 months up until 2 years of age. Our teeniest babies have a specific area which they can enjoy until they are confidently mobile and can join their older roommates. The nursery has a separate sleep nursery and changing facilities. We work on a maximum 3:1 children to staff ratio with the continuity of staff being a priority. The room is bright, cheerful and stimulating, and offers a caring and loving environment. The emphasis is very much on providing home from home care with lots of play, love and cuddles.

Children are encouraged to explore the world of colour, shapes and texture through the use of natural light, toys, adult interaction and lots of sensory experiences.

As children begin to explore and gain confidence, they are then able to participate in a wide range of educational and fun activities that will be planned in advance. These will include colouring, painting, messy play, singing etc, all to create a fun-filled day for your child.
In addition, all age groups benefit from outdoor sessions, guaranteeing lots of fresh air and organised activities in our adjacent play area or ‘our field’ to ensure a busy and energetic day for your child.

Here at Banana Moon we work closely with you to ensure your child’s home routine is followed. This provides continuity and stability for you and your child.
To ensure a stress free transition from home to nursery life, convenient settling in sessions are always arranged. During these sessions, in which you participate, your child’s needs and any special requirements can be discussed with the nursery staff.