Our very own Unique Early Learning and Development Programme

Our very own Unique Early Learning and Development Programme
Here at Banana Moon we have our very own unique Early Learning and development programme. 
The Banana Moon Early Learning and Development Programme supports a child’s unique developmental journey
through high quality playful provision and a dedicated team of early years professionals.
The programme is designed with Banana Moon children, families and early years professionals at its heart and
is built on five principles that wrap around the child to reflect the importance of a holistic approach to learning
and development. The principles guide practice and ensure all early year’s professionals are prepared to support
individual children on their development journey.
The programme will allow children to be active participants in leading their own learning. It will allow prior knowledge
and experiences to be scaffolded, giving children the opportunity to build upon what they know through a range of
playful learning experiences. 

Want to know more about our unique programme please do not hesitate to contact us directly on 01224 478988 or through email at info@bananamoon-aberdeen.co.uk 

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